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Small plaster sculpture, donna mast.In good condition, age and normal wear and tear.Some signs on the surface. see photos.
Measures: h.54cm

Faces of an invisible artist Ida Fua "art is everything that men call it art," says the philosopher Dino cheese, what is recognized as art. There is, however, an art that remains hidden. Is the product of men, artists, forced to make themselves invisible. An art that, even if obscured, becomes a form of resistance, a vindication of its identity, an escape from reality and coazionedella of the domain for which you might not even exist, an attempt to express themselves with what is still allowed. Ida Fua is a Jewish artist, lived during the years of fascism and racial laws; Ida Fua is an artist, a woman who had to hide herself with her art. From Lolli family and wife of Charles Fua, industrial Director of villaggio Crespi d'Adda, Ida has spent most of his life in Torno, a small town on Lake Como, where he sought refuge and protection in his secluded villa surrounded by greenery. Here, in his Studio overlooking the Lake, he produced most of his works are sculptures depicting faces, busts and human profiles that details an aesthetic expression of his own personal tragedy. To hit with greater force are likely to be the eyes of these figures: are eyes gaze missed, eyes that maybe dreaming a elsewhere. No watch, no spectator argues with him a direct relationship, as in indicating an inability to communicate, to gain experience of the other. In omitting, however, the gesture is rich in meaning and full of emotion, returning from last a sign of hope: these eyes diverged exudes a desire to recover their gaze, to affirm their will to exist, their existence.Written by Alice Baldini Dott.sa

Well used, sold in the State in which is situated